Automation in Metal Mineral And Mining Industry

by:JunQi     2020-07-12
India is carrying a very important amount of metals and minerals in its womb and is fast growing producer of the metals like Iron, Crude Steel & Aluminium. Its iron ore production represents about 10% of total world production making it 4th largest and is the 5th largest producer of Stainless steel. India has maintained its lead position as world's largest producer of direct reduced iron (DRI) or sponge iron. According to World Mining Data 2010, Asia was the leading minerals producer in the world with 7.35 billion (excluding diamonds & natural gas) metric tons in 2008, a 6.9% increase from 2005. The metals and mining resources industry consists of aluminium, iron and steel, precious metals and minerals, coal and base metal markets. The key challenges that are being faced by the industrial sector include improving the overall product quality and productivity with optimal consumption of your energy and minimal GHG emissions. To meet these challenges metals & mining industry has successfully deployed industrial automation technologies like distributed control systems (DCS) and have reaped the benefits of enhanced safety, productivity, quality and reliability. However, recent advances in computing, communication, sensing & control technologies has changed the scenario in the current automation landscape and he is providing significant benefits in terms of improving the overall efficiencies. Challenges faced from your industry: Key business drivers in the recurring and asset concentrated resources industry are reduction in power and fuel costs, supply chain efficiencies and equipment a long life. Sarla Technologies contributes by offering engineering services across entire plant and production process lifecycle. Challenges faced via the industry manufacturers are: *Sourcing complexities in wake of globalization *Varied and non-compliant business processes *Lack of automation for planning and monitoring of varied functions *High cost structures *Regulatory challenges The industry demands intelligent control solutions across iron, steel, aluminum, precious metals, coal including Hot/Cold rolling mills for iron & steel, Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF), Steel Sheet Making Process and Oxygen Coating for Steel Line, Coal Preparation Process, Coal Beneficiation process and also Platinum Extraction Process. These intelligent control solutions deliver immense business value: *Automate processes reducing cycle time *Minimized resource and energy consumption *Improved operational efficiencies surrounding the value stream of the enterprise *Maximum capital asset utilization *Cost saving through innovation and off-shoring *Improved Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) compliance This industry also demands Plant Intelligence solutions that assist connect and integrate the disparate systems that be employed in isolation. To enhance the production operations its necessary to get in touch the plant floor together with enterprise level that can bring real time plant concept. Plant Intelligence solutions aim to produce manufacturers someone view belonging to the entire plant data giving snap shot of key performances. In typical mining plants, all the productions related measurements are communicated manually via phone, e-mail and log paperback. Few departments always received a mismatch on tonnage figure given by mines and coal presently there were many data communication gaps one of the divisions of the Group. Every department maintains data on his/her own system; having no common platform of databases. A Plant Information Management solution - an a part of Plant Intelligence collects archives and distributes tremendous volumes of real-time data at high speed, significantly helping the visibility of customer operation and the bottom line. The requisite information is collected and also a web-based tool is used for accessing, analyzing and visualizing production information with sophisticated trending and reporting capabilities This solution provides the mining plant with the following benefits: *Online associated with all production related measurements *Transparency of expertise between the departments & historical data of other department. *Real time data and historical data can be monitored from anywhere, via Internet Ie. *Single data repository and common reporting system for the entire department.
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