Complex but promising decorative hardware industry

by:JunQi     2021-09-17
The decorative hardware industry is a relatively complex industry. Because of the wide coverage and rapid development of the industry, the development prospects of the decorative hardware industry are considerable. In one sentence, the industry is complex but promising. 1. China's economy is a structural adjustment rather than a cyclical adjustment. Recent data show that my country's economic situation is not optimistic. At present, the domestic economic data is weak and the growth rate is slow. This situation is not a cyclical phenomenon, but a structural and deeper adjustment. Regarding the structural issues of the economy, relevant adjustments must be made in-depth, and the focus and intensity of the adjustment and the speed of adjustment will directly determine the recovery of the economy. For the majority of decorative hardware companies, they must also adjust their mentality in the case of economic adjustments. What a company needs to do is stick to its own path and stick to itself when faced with difficulties. Only in this way can we still occupy our place in the face of difficulties. Such enterprises will remain invincible. 2. While the decorative hardware industry is developing rapidly, the problem cannot be ignored. For my country's decorative hardware industry, the past ten years have been a period of prosperity. Under the leadership of the region and the influence of relevant high-quality policies, my country's decorative hardware industry has achieved rapid development. In the case of a good economic situation and huge market demand, the problems that have arisen in the decorative hardware industry have gradually emerged. These manifestations of crisis and problems remind us to attach great importance. What is the problem that hinders the development of decorative hardware? I think the main problem is innovation. my country's decorative hardware industry lacks innovation and creativity. There is a saying that China has taken 30 years to walk the 200-year journey of the Western region. Simply put, it is walking the way others have walked. From a technical perspective, when others create technology, we simply use it or simply change it, lacking independent creativity. Most of my country's decorative hardware industry belongs to the imitation economy rather than the innovation economy. We have brought in the ideas that have long appeared in the Western region, but simply introduced them without innovation. This way, they cannot be developed. We must have the consciousness and determination to innovate, and not blindly introduce foreign technologies. Overall planning is necessary. Xiaobian and everyone look forward to the new pattern of my country's decorative hardware industry. JunQi focuses on the research and development, production and sales of luggage hardware accessories accessories. Products include dog buckles, luggage hardware buckles, hardware signs, luggage buckles, belt buckles, belt buckles, etc. Welcome everyone to inquire!
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