Does the hardware accessories of belt buckles also include hand-sewn buttons and jersey buttons?

by:JunQi     2021-09-14
Does the hardware accessories that are not up and down with the belt buckle also include hand-sewn buckles and jersey buckles? The exquisite hardware accessories of the belt buckle series need to achieve an advantageous texture in terms of workmanship requirements. Advantages must be obtained in the selection of materials, and a series of processing procedures such as electroplating or oil spraying are an indispensable part. Belt buckle manufacturers are making belt buckles. It is necessary to prepare product materials, electroplating, and fuel injection procedures to meet a special requirement when heading, and the biggest goal and industry standard must meet: the heavy metal composition meets the industry environmental protection standards of ROHS and SGS, and the products can be inspected at various levels according to customer requirements. Needle machine, the quality is not chaotic, and the price is very competitive. In contrast, the exquisite hardware accessories that take the belt buckle head as the precedent also have many different types of hardware accessories, which can include: various metal alloy four-hole buttons, hand-sewn buttons, jersey buttons, snap buttons, and leather buckles. , Cloth button, five-claw button, alloy button, metal badge, fine cufflinks; all kinds of rivet nails, all kinds of die-casting hardware, etc.
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