Dog Tags And Their Many Uses

by:JunQi     2020-07-04
Every once in awhile an item transcends its original purpose and acquires uses that ripple throughout a culture, using its very simplicity and versatility to become useful to many people in lots of ways. Military dog tags are one such item. These simple, thin metal tags suspended on a ball chain already been used in ways that you might do not have imagined. Of course, army dog tags essential vital function during wartime by identifying soldiers if they are unable to identify themselves. This alone is an valuable function. But since it used in less difficult culture, in some very imaginative ways. Without benefit of big ad campaigns, these tags been employed their way into fashion, particularly among young people. Since they may carry identifying information, they can be engraved with any kind information you can fit on a piece of metal measuring 1.25 x 2 inches. Quotes, slogans, and phrases with personal meaning are popular on dog tags worn for clothing fashion. Sometimes people use tags to convey important medical information, such as severe allergies, or medical conditions like heart disease, epilepsy, or type. This can be extremely useful for school-age children with insulin-dependent diabetes, as well as the tags can definitely be attached to backpacks or laced into shoelaces so they will not have to be worn around the neck. They also make fun party or wedding favors, engraved with a memento of the occasion, such as a wedding date, or selected and age of an individual celebrating a wedding. Bands can, for example, have them engraved with the group name, the name of a CD being released, that has a date. The family name can be engraved on dog tags handed out at a family reunion, or a golf iron or scout troop can have tags engraved with a real event or night. And of course, these metal tags can be used as identification purposes: on luggage, tool bags, equipment, video cameras, team equipment, or camping equipment. School groups on field trips can tag each participant the actual trip and let students and chaperons keep them as a keepsake once the trip is more than. Tags can even be used as motivational objects by businesses, who possess their company slogan engraved. Sometimes charitable organizations will have more and more tags engraved with special sayings or information about the charity and sell them to lovers. Many church groups have had favorite bible verses engraved and raise money by selling items. You can buy tags individually, in pairs, or in huge quantities, and they are very reasonably priced - usually well under $10 each, or even less when bought huge. Silencers are great accessories that ordered with men and women. These are the plastic or rubber frames around the sides of the tags that keep them from making noise when they bump into things, and so they also come in associated with money colors. You can get tags in either shiny or matte finish, with or without various lengths of ball cycle. The uses for these tags are almost limitless. Whether you want to generate a fashion statement, put them on as a connected with ID, have them engraved with emergency information, or put your band name on them, you could make dog tags all people. They are not just for military personnel from then on!
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