Dongguan JunQi Hardware analyzes the development trend of luggage hardware accessories

by:JunQi     2021-09-18
With the general improvement of people’s living standards, customers have put forward higher requirements for home decoration and furniture products. The quality of luggage hardware accessories accessories should also be continuously improved with the development of luggage products. Dongguan JunQi Hardware has made a point on the development trend of luggage hardware accessories. Some brief analysis. 1. Integration of appearance and function: Furniture hardware is divided into two categories: decorative hardware and functional hardware. Many luggage hardware accessories manufacturers invisibly separate the two, decorative hardware does not pay attention to functional development, and functional hardware has insufficient research on its decorative development, and there is a disconnect between the two. Take sliding door fittings as an example. Over the years, the function and structure have been continuously improved, but they do not pay attention to the unity of their decoration. Although many products are easy to use, they always look unpleasant. In recent years, with the improvement of the level of innovative design, many designers are paying attention to furniture hardware and reviewing furniture hardware with the concept of industrial design. It is the development trend of furniture hardware to better integrate the appearance and function of furniture hardware. . 2. Humanized design: As the quality of life improves, the quality of every detail in life will also attract attention. accessories can best reflect the quality of life details. The opening and closing of the cabinet door, the opening and closing of the drawer... Excellent furniture hardware can embody the human-oriented principle of people-oriented in these daily actions. Humanized concepts such as safety, labor saving, silent, and comfort will be further integrated into the development and design of furniture hardware. This is also an inevitable requirement of social development. For more information about luggage hardware accessories accessories, please visit JunQi Hardware. JunQi focuses on the production and sales of hardware accessories for luggage, handbags, clothing and shoes. The company has more than ten years of production experience in die-casting hardware, and has a group of experienced technical backbones. It has a mold design workshop and a die-casting workshop. Stamping workshop, packaging workshop and many other departments.
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