Five important things in the process of making luggage hardware accessories!

by:JunQi     2021-09-02
JunQi hardware editor today takes you to learn more about five important things in the production of luggage hardware accessories! 1. Abrasive tools are required for the production of hardware accessories for abrasive tools. The production of abrasive tools is very important. For a good abrasive tool, the hardware accessories of bags will become different. 2. Die-casting Once you have a good abrasive tool for luggage hardware accessories, the next step is to die-cast products. Put the finished mold on the die-casting machine to die-cast the product. Die-casting machines are divided into tonnages. Ordinary luggage hardware accessories generally use 25-ton die-casting machines. It is also very skillful to use die-casting machines to make products. This depends on the skill of the master of the press. It is necessary to control the pressure. If the pressure is too high, the product will have a lot of burrs and consume electricity. If the pressure is too low, the surface of the product will appear uneven and uneven. Therefore, the press master must control the machine to produce a good product! After the product is printed, it is necessary to break the material. 3. Polishing is an important part of the production process of hardware accessories for bags and bags-polishing, just like women's jewelry, it is shiny and smooth because it is highly polished and then electroplated to produce such a shiny effect. In fact, in the industry of handbags and luggage hardware accessories, Belden has the same manufacturing process as jewelry and other hardware products, so if you want things to be smooth and shiny, you should polish them. 4. The upper foot piece is required to fix the luggage hardware accessories on the bag, so the iron wire foot piece is required. The iron wire is fixed to the foot piece by die-casting method. Previously, it was pressed with a three-ton punch. Now it is changed to Use a mechanical bench drill to press down and fix it. Now all bench drills are used. The technology has improved and the production tools have been changed! Another link is that some are screwed, so I need to tap a screw hole. Here Just use the tapping machine to tap a screw hole! 5. Electroplating Electroplating is the link of coloring the hardware accessories of luggage. The electroplating process depends on the technique of the electroplating master. First, we need to wash the impurities in the product area with sulfuric acid, and then give the product a primer with a bronzer. The thicker the primer, the better, and then put it in the electroplating tank for electroplating. If the electroplating time is too long or too short, it is even worse. After the electroplating is completed, the products are packaged and sent to the customer! JunQi focuses on the research and development, production and sales of luggage hardware accessories accessories. Products include dog buckles, luggage hardware buckles, hardware signs, luggage buckles, belt buckles, belt buckles, etc.
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