How are JunQi hardware accessories produced?

by:JunQi     2021-09-22
JunQi Hardware is a high-tech enterprise integrating product development, production and sales with various luggage hardware accessories as its core products! As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of bag hardware! Let me introduce to you the process of JunQi hardware production! The first part of hardware production is the mold! After finishing the mold, the next step is die-casting. Die-casting is a very delicate craft that requires experience. Basically, the die-casting experience does not exceed five years, and the qualified rate of random inspections of the products cannot be guaranteed. Another factor is that the tonnage of the die-casting machine is different. The hardware die-casting machine for luggage is about 25 tons. Only experienced masters can use it, and they can control the pressure. The pressure is lighter, and the product is uneven and smooth. If the force is too large, burrs will appear instead, which will increase the cost of electricity. Therefore, good die-casting masters are hard to come by. Not only can it reduce costs, but it can also minimize the product defect rate. The third step is polishing. The level of polishing technology determines whether the product can have a good appearance, especially in the case of bags. The polishing of hardware is the same as women's jewelry. If you want to have a shiny feeling, just A high degree of polishing is required before electroplating. The shiny effect can only be found after the last step is completed. Therefore, polishing is a very important step for such shiny hardware accessories. The fourth step is the upper foot piece. Friends who use luggage products are a little more careful, and you can see that each luggage product will have foot pieces. This is to fix the bag and also to hold the bag to make it look more beautiful. The commonly used machines are punching machines and tapping machines. The punching machines are die-casting tools and are now replaced by bench drills. The last step is electroplating. If you don’t dare to use it if you don’t have enough experience, you have to ask a master. Long or not the electroplating time will have a serious impact on the aesthetics of the luggage and hardware. Generally, the electroplating master will master the time in front of the electroplating tank, and then extract it. Hardware accessories, hang the brackets, leave a gap between each one to ensure air circulation, and then install it on the bag after air-drying, and a beautiful bag is the final completion. Hardware made in accordance with such requirements is considered qualified. JunQi Hardware has always been adhering to the production of excellent quality hardware and insisting on the concept of quality as the core. Professional production of professional hardware!
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