How to choose a high-strength belt buckle and knowledge of conveyor belt belts

by:JunQi     2021-09-12
How to choose a high-strength belt buckle and the knowledge of conveyor belt belt 1. Look at the material When choosing a conveyor belt buckle, the first step is to look at its material. The material is the primary factor that determines the quality of the belt buckle. The conveyor belt produced by our factory The buckle is made of carbon steel. This carbon steel belt buckle has the characteristics of tensile and shear resistance. It is a must-select material for users to choose conveyor belt buckles. Second, look at the weight and read the material below. The weight is selected. Of course, the comparison is made in the same material when weighing the weight. The lighter high-strength belt buckle of the same material must be the poorer material when weighing, and the larger weight must be of better quality. Of it. Third, the surface treatment The last thing to look at is the surface treatment of the conveyor belt buckle. In the production process of general high-strength belt buckles, except for stainless steel, the rest will be processed. If you find bumps, scratches, uneven colors, air bubbles, etc. when buying a conveyor belt buckle, consumers are advised not to buy it.
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