How to choose the right Japanese deduction?

by:JunQi     2021-09-11
The Japanese buckle is serrated. The shape of the Japanese button is like the Japanese character, so it is called the Japanese button. The advantage of this strap buckle is that it does not slip off. Because of the protruding teeth, it can bite the webbing effectively, and it is generally used on long webbing. 1. The standard is also the original Japanese-shaped buckle, the middle block is very thick, and has a non-slip groove to prevent the webbing from slipping, and the quality is firm. It is said that this is a Japanese button that meets military standards. It is generally used in the external hanging system of the backpack, and is generally used in conjunction with the non-adjustable buckle to adjust the webbing so that the length of the webbing is suitable for personal needs. 2. There is a Japanese buckle similar to the standard Japanese buckle, but the anti-slip function of this Japanese buckle is better. Both sides have protruding teeth, which can bite into the webbing effectively, so it is generally used for longer webbing. 3. The one-way Japanese buckle with one ear is generally used to fix the chest strap on the chest. The Japanese-shaped buckle is buckled on the vertical webbing of the back strap, and the one-way ear buckle is connected to the horizontal webbing on the chest, which can be moved up and down. This design allows the backpack to close the straps to the chest when the backpack is carried, does not hinder the movement of the arms, and can also effectively prevent the straps from slipping out of the shoulders. 4. Two-way adjustable Japanese-shaped buckle, also known as butterfly-shaped Japanese-shaped buckle, is usually used on the strap to connect the chest strap. The horizontal belt used with this kind of buckle is generally a webbing sleeve to cover the back strap, not just the vertical webbing that covers the back strap. The length of the webbing on both sides can be adjusted, so there is no need to worry about the deformation of the backpack due to the tension of the webbing too tight. It is generally used on large-capacity bags. There is no good or bad distinction between the several types of Japanese deductions described above, but they are divided into different functions. Choosing the right Japanese buckle can make the Japanese buckle play its big role.
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