How to distinguish dog buckle material

by:JunQi     2021-09-17
In life, the dog buckles we see look almost the same in appearance. In fact, each dog buckle has different craftsmanship and different materials.   If you give you a dog buckle of different colors and styles, many people cannot quickly determine what material they are made of. In fact, there are traces to distinguish the material of different dog buckles. Any item will have its own attributes when it is made, so each type of button also has its own unique characteristics.   For plastic dog buckles and resin dog buckles, since the plastic dog buckles are made by die-casting, there will be a line on the edge of the dogleash, which is called the parting line. Some factories may remove this line in the subsequent processing, and the appearance will become close to the resin dog buckle. However, the same amount of plastic dogleash is lighter than resin dog buckle, the surface of resin dog buckle will be smoother, but it is easy to scratch and chip. If it is placed in water, the resin dog buckle may become soft.  Although there are many dog u200bu200bbuckles that look the same, if you use the method of distinguishing the material of the dog buckle taught by the staff of the belt buckle manufacturer above, you will quickly distinguish the difference in the material of the dogleash.
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