How to find luggage hardware accessories manufacturers from the Internet?

by:JunQi     2021-09-12
According to statistics, 31.6% are looking for handbag hardware accessory manufacturers offline, and they are all small companies; 60.7% are looking for online, and 7.7% are looking for it through other channels, and 31.6% of companies looking for it offline are because Fear of finding a leather bag company online. Online intermediaries can be said to be overwhelming, but how can consumers tell? After reading the recommendations of JunQi Hardware's selection of factories, I believe you will be rewarded. 1. Buyers can use search engines to enter long-tail keywords such as handbag hardware accessories, luggage hardware accessories accessories or handbag hardware accessories on the Internet. There are many search results, and the most search results are selected from the many results; 2. A more precise search The place name is added before the handbag hardware accessories manufacturer, such as: Shiling handbag hardware accessories, Shiling luggage hardware accessories, Shiling high-end handbags, Shanghai luggage hardware accessories factory, Shenzhen handbag hardware chain factory, Shiling shoe material hardware manufacturer Such search results are conducive to nearby purchases, and large quantities can also be inspected on the spot; 3. Add brand name search, JunQi handbag hardware, JunQi high-end handbag hardware, JunQi luggage hardware accessories accessories, JunQi high-end luggage locks, JunQi high-end handbag chains, JunQi hardware locks, JunQi luggage hardware accessories, the premise of this search is that the handbag hardware accessories being searched have a certain brand awareness; 4. If the buyer is interested in the purchased material, he can directly enter'material' on the search engine +Handbag/bag hardware accessories' such combination of keywords, such as alloy locks, copper chains, iron buckles, iron chains, alloy accessories, etc... 5. The next step is to distinguish the authenticity and check the other party’s The official website, manufacturer address, qualifications, and related cases depend on whether the other party is a manufacturer or a middleman. In view of the above 5 points, JunQi Hardware reminds you that it is very important to input keywords correctly, and careful review is also necessary. Of course, if possible, field trips are also a good choice.
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