How to untie the automatic belt buckle? Correct solution for automatic belt buckle

by:JunQi     2021-09-26
u200bHow to unlock the automatic belt buckle The automatic belt buckle is very convenient to use, but many babies who use it for the first time don't know how to unlock it. ① Find one that can be moved under the head of the automatic buckle belt, and the iron can move in and out. ② Pull that thing outwards to unlock it. Is it convenient for automatic belt buckle? Although the automatic buckle buckle looks more difficult to get off, you will find that there are small accessories beside the automatic buckle door handle. Generally, the automatic buckle belt can be taken off after a few more turns, and then adjust the length of the belt by yourself. After the adjustment is completed, turn it in the opposite direction. It can be done easily. Main points for the use of automatic belt buckle 1. First of all, let's talk about the choice of the buckle head, alloy, not iron, which is easy to rust. The leather of the strip is better than other materials. Note that the slide must be of good quality to be durable. 2. Frequently Asked Questions: The strip and the buckle are easy to fall off and separate. Then you need to squeeze the slot into which the strap is inserted with pliers. If it is still loose, just wrap a cloth strip around the head of the strip. 3. Another one is that the belt will not be stuck when it is strenuous. This situation excludes the wear of the slide, that is, the pressing angle of the buckle is too small, just press it down.
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