Introduction to the classification, trading market and production process of luggage hardware

by:JunQi     2021-09-05
To put it simply, luggage hardware accessories is all kinds of small hardware used in luggage and backpacks. Most of the luggage hardware accessories are not final consumer goods. Rather, they are used as industrial manufacturing supporting products, semi-finished products, and tools used in the production process. Only a small part of daily-use hardware accessories (bag decoration chains, hanging chains, etc.) can be used as final decorative consumer goods. The main materials of luggage hardware accessories are: iron, copper, aluminum, zinc alloy. The luggage hardware accessories can be roughly classified as follows: material, shape, color, specification, etc. Material: is classified into die-casting hardware such as iron, copper, aluminum, zinc alloy, etc. according to the material. Appearance: According to specific product categories, luggage hardware is divided into tie rods, small wheels, mushroom nails, ram nails, foot nails, hollow nails, sliders, corns, D buckles, dog buckles, pin throughs, belt buckles, chains, coils, Locks, magnetic buttons, various trademarks and decorative hardware, etc. All kinds of hardware are divided into different categories according to their functions or shapes. And all kinds of hardware accessories also have many specifications. Color: There are many colors of luggage hardware according to electroplating: white, gold, gun black, green bronze, green ancient brush, chrome and so on. There are also many things to pay attention to in electroplating. Different electroplating colors have different requirements for the process. When exporting, pay attention to whether it meets environmental protection and non-toxic requirements. Domestic geographical pattern: Domestic luggage and leather goods are sold by terminal in the leather goods market in Guihuagang, Dongguan, Baigou luggage and bags market in Hebei and other highly concentrated professional markets, as well as Yiwu Small Commodity City in Zhejiang, Hehuachi in Chengdu, and Liaoning Nantai Luggage and Bag Market. Judging from the current development situation, Shiling is the leather capital of China, and Baigou, Hebei is the luggage capital of China. The two places have the highest industry concentration. Large-scale procurement of luggage hardware and accessories include Shiling International Leather City, Huadu District, Dongguan City, Dongguan Zhongda Textile City, Haining China Leather City, and Baigou Accessories City. Dongguan has a leading leather and hardware market on Guangyuan West Road and Shiling in the urban area, which are relatively large but belong to new production projects. At present, the popularity needs to be improved. u200bProduction process: 1. The first step: the new product is produced by the manufacturer. The first condition is that the manufacturer knows how to make the mold. The production of the mold is very important, because it is impossible to determine whether the product can be made without understanding the production of the mold. 2. The second step: die casting products. Put the finished mold on the die-casting machine for die-casting. Die-casting machines are divided into tonnages. Ordinary luggage hardware accessories generally use 25-ton die-casting machines. It is also very skillful to use die-casting machines to make products. This depends on the skill of the master of the press. It is necessary to control the pressure. If the pressure is too high, the product will have a lot of burrs and it will consume electricity. If the pressure is too low, the surface of the product will appear pits, not smooth and uneven, so the press master must control the machine to produce a good product! After typing it out, you must break the material. 3. The third step: polishing. This is the most important link in the production process of luggage hardware accessories. Just like women’s jewelry, it is shiny and smooth because it has been highly polished and then electroplated to produce such a shiny effect. In fact, luggage hardware accessories In this line, Belden has the same manufacturing process as jewelry and other hardware products, so to make the product shine is to do a good job of polishing. 4. The fourth step: the upper foot piece. Because the product is to be fixed on the bag, the iron wire foot piece is required. The iron wire is fixed to the foot piece by die-casting. In the past, it was pressed by a three-ton punch, but now it is pressed and fixed by a machine bench drill. Live, now I use bench drilling rigs, technology has improved, and the production tools have also been changed! Another link is that some are screwed, so we need to tap the screw holes. Here we use the tapping machine. 5. The fifth step is to apply color plating to the product. The electroplating depends on the technique of the electroplating master. First, the impurities in the product area should be cleaned with sulfuric acid, and then the product will be primed. The last time the bronzer is the primer, the thicker the primer, the better, and then put it in the electroplating tank for electroplating. The electroplating time should not be too long or too short. After the electroplating is completed, each product will be taken off the shelf, and finally packaged and sent to the customer.
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