Introduction to the fastening method, shape and color of hardware belt buckles

by:JunQi     2021-09-07
The most common accessories for men are watches and belts. Although there are not as many as women, men are equally careful in choosing the brand and quality of belts. A belt should pay attention to the leather material and the style of the hardware belt buckle. As one of the most important protagonists in the fashion industry, the Hermes belt and the Louis Vuitton belt are the first choices for men to attend receptions and other occasions. The hardware belt buckle was designed mainly for women at the beginning, so there is a lot of room for women to choose, but there are only a few models for men. Women's belt buckles have many options for fastening methods, such as pin buckles, smooth buckles, automatic buckles, snap buckles, Velcro buckles, stalls, Japanese-style buckles, etc. In addition to the choice of the fastening method, there are also many options for the shape of the buckle. The buckle of each fastening method has a variety of different shapes, including round, square, rectangular, oval, heart, Letter type and so on. When purchasing a belt, you can choose the buckle type according to your preference. There are also many options for the color of the button, such as silver, gold and so on. The shape of the metal belt buckle is produced by a die-casting machine, and the appearance color is added by an electroplating process. Dongguan JunQi Hardware Co., Ltd. mainly designs and produces luggage hardware accessories accessories, shoe buckles and hardware belt buckles processing. Customers are welcome to visit the factory and sample drawings.
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