Introduction to the installation and application of rivets

by:JunQi     2021-08-25
The definition and material of rivets: rivets are commonly known as rivets, which are composed of rivet caps (piece A) and rivets (piece B). The main materials of the ram nails are copper, zinc alloy, aluminum and so on. The classification of the rivets: the rivets can be divided into: rivets for cover, straw hat rivets, back-hat rivets, double-sided rivets, single-sided rivets, mushroom rivets, conical rivets, two-color rivets, and drilled rivets Nails, mushroom nails, pointed nails. The application of ram nails: mainly used for stitching at the corners of thicker fabrics to make them more beautiful, such as jeans, jacket pockets, backpack handbags, suitcases and other luggage and clothing. There are many shapes and sizes of the rivets, with different shapes and sizes, and many colors. In particular, the ram nails on jeans are more durable, and the patterns on the nails can also be designed in a variety of ways, generous and decent, the most common. Installation of ram nails: Combine the two parts by knocking molds. The quality of the stud installation mold must be good. If the mold used does not correspond to the size of the stud magnetic button, the stud will not be assembled, and the stud magnetic button will even be damaged. If the quality of the mold is poor, the mold itself will also be damaged after several times of use. Will break. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a good quality mold when choosing the ram to install the mold. Dongguan JunQi Hardware Co., Ltd. is committed to the production of medium and high-end luggage hardware accessories. The quality of our nails and installation molds is very good, and has been favored by customers.
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