JunQi hardware high-speed stamping die design process skills

by:JunQi     2021-09-22
JunQi Hardware has rich experience in the development and production of luggage hardware accessories accessories. JunQi Hardware tells you about the process skills of hardware high-speed stamping dies 1. Generally, first trimming, punching, pre-breaking, crimping, bumping, tearing, ( Cutting, stretching), punching and blanking, pressing the burr, forming, bending in two steps, first forming one half, and then forming the other half. 2. When punching and blanking, generally first punch small holes, then punch large holes; first punch out the waste around the forming, and then drop the remaining material in other parts: because if the punching hole is placed behind, then it is punching At this time, there may be gaps (holes that have been punched before) around the punches on the corresponding strips. In this way, the punches will cause uneven force (side forces will be generated) during the punching process, which is originally a small hole. The punch strength is very weak, coupled with uneven force, it is very easy to break. Of course, this is only in most cases. Sometimes according to the actual situation, the small hole punch can only be arranged behind, but there are still ways. If the thickness of the punch is real Too small, can enter the line to reinforce: A: using stripping precision guidance; B: the punch is processed by PG (optical grinding). 3. Determine whether to use trimming: trimming is generally used in continuous molds and blanking molds. The role of rough positioning is to facilitate feeding during mold trial; some cutting edges also have the effect of punching the shape. If the mold first punches and locates the pinhole, then immediately uses the guide pin to guide it, generally no trimming is required; there is no guide pin Yes, it must be trimmed first, used to fix the distance, generally used in the blanking die of the nodding embryo. The shape of the punch for trimming is as follows: a: This kind of punch is often used for blanking die and thick material cutting In the edge, the positioning accuracy is low. Its length u003d step distance, and the width only needs to ensure the strength of the punch. 0.6), its length Dongguan JunQi Hardware Manufacturing co.,Ltd shows how effective market design can encourage participation, reduce gaming, and aggregate information, in order to improve liquidity, efficiency, and equity in markets.
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