[JunQi Knowledge Sharing] What are the material types of luggage hardware buckles? And frequently asked questions about these materials

by:JunQi     2021-09-22
Dongguan JunQi luggage hardware buckles Generally speaking, the commonly used materials of luggage hardware buckles include stainless steel, copper, aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy and so on. The material of the luggage hardware buckle-can aluminum be electroplated? It can be electroplated, but the adhesion is not strong, and the coating is easy to fall off. Generally, it is not electroplated. The materials of luggage hardware buckles—three common types of copper. What are their main components? Pure copper, also known as red copper and red copper, is composed of more than 99% copper. Brass, the composition is an alloy of copper and zinc. Bronze, the composition is an alloy of copper and tin. Ps: There are many copper alloys, in addition to copper-nickel alloy, beryllium copper, phosphor copper and so on. What is the density of copper, the material of the luggage hardware buckle? What is the density of iron, the material of the luggage hardware buckle? What is the density of aluminum, the material of the luggage hardware buckle? Copper: 8.92g/cm3; iron: 7.86g/cm3; aluminum: 2.70g/cm3. The material of the luggage hardware buckle-why doesn't stainless steel rust? Because stainless steel contains chromium, chromium is the basic element for stainless steel to obtain corrosion resistance. Chromium reacts with oxygen to form a very thin oxide film on the surface of steel, which can prevent further corrosion of stainless steel. List several non-magnetic metals in the materials of luggage hardware buckles. Chromium, zinc alloy, copper, aluminum, etc. List several common sheet metal materials in the materials of luggage hardware buckles. Stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, cold rolled plate, etc. As a luggage hardware buckle, what are the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum compared with stainless steel? Advantages: Aluminum is lighter than stainless steel and has a better surface treatment effect. Disadvantages: the strength of aluminum is worse than that of stainless steel, and the surface hardness is lower than that of stainless steel. What are the main indicators for measuring the mechanical properties of metal materials for luggage hardware buckles? Strength, plasticity, hardness, toughness, etc. JunQi can professionally provide you with the customization of luggage hardware accessories, luggage hardware, luggage buckles, luggage hardware buckles, to meet your individual needs, make your luggage hardware accessories accessories unique, and make your luggage shine!
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