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by:JunQi     2021-09-21
JunQi is a professional modern luggage leather garment accessories hardware enterprise, with a strong production base, providing high-quality luggage hardware accessories design, unique customized services. Rich market experience, reasonable price positioning and a full range of services will bring you a comfortable experience. Understand the production process of luggage hardware accessories 1. First of all, to produce and design a new luggage hardware accessory is to make molds. The production of molds is very important. The first condition for a product to be in the hands of this manufacturer is that the manufacturer knows how to make molds, because If you don't understand the production of this mold, you can't be sure whether you can make this product. 2. The second step is a die-casting product. Put the finished mold on the die-casting machine to die-cast the product. Die-casting machines are divided into tonnages. Ordinary luggage hardware accessories generally use 25-ton die-casting machines. It is also very skillful to use a die-casting machine to make a good product. It depends on the skill of the master of the press. It is necessary to control the pressure. If the pressure is too high, the product will have a lot of burrs and consume electricity. If the pressure is too low, the surface of the product will appear pits and pits, and the surface of the product will not be smooth and uneven. Good product! After the product is printed, it is necessary to break the material. 3. Enter the third step of polishing, which is a more important link in the production process of luggage hardware accessories accessories. Just like women's jewelry, it is shiny and bright and smooth because it is highly polished and then electroplated. The shiny effect, in fact, in the industry of luggage hardware accessories accessories, Belden, and many other hardware products such as jewelry are made in the same process, so if you want things to be smooth and shiny, you must polish them. 4. The fourth step is to install the foot piece. Because the product is to be fixed on the bag, the iron wire foot piece is required. The iron wire is fixed to the foot piece by die casting. In the past, it was pressed with a three-ton punch. Now it’s changed to use a mechanical bench drill to press down and fix it. Now all bench drills are used. Technology has improved, and the production tools have also been changed! Another link is that some are screwed, so we need to tap a screw hole. Come out, here we use a tapping machine to tap a screw hole! 5. The popular point of the fifth step is to add color plating to the product! Electroplating depends on the technique of the electroplating master. First, sulfuric acid washes the impurities in the product area, and then the product is primed with a bronzer. The thicker the primer, the better, and then put it in the electroplating tank for electroplating. If the electroplating time is too long or too short, it is even worse. After the electroplating is completed, each product will be taken off the shelf, packaged and sent to the customer! Founded in 2000, JunQi is a professional hardware manufacturer with rich experience specializing in hardware shoes, luggage, clothing and pet hardware accessories. With professional design/ RND department, high-quality international sales team, quality management team, well-trained technical workers and modern mold technology, and provide design drawings, molds, finished product processing, packaging, and delivery one-stop service. JunQi is meticulously crafted, only for high-quality products
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