JunQi takes you into the wonderful world of the production process of luggage hardware accessories!

by:JunQi     2021-09-22
JunQi takes you into the wonderful world of the production process of luggage hardware accessories! accessories are one of our common products, we have a certain understanding of it, but there is one thing you may not know, that is the production process of luggage hardware accessories accessories, which is generally difficult to understand. Today, JunQi luggage hardware accessories manufacturer will take you to find out. The production process of luggage hardware accessories: 1. Abrasive tools, luggage hardware accessories must be made of abrasive tools. The production of abrasive tools is very important. The first condition for a product to be in the hands of this manufacturer is that the manufacturer must know how to make abrasive tools, because they do not understand It is impossible to determine whether this product can be made by the manufacture of this abrasive tool. 2. For die-casting products, put the finished abrasive tools on the die-casting machine for die-casting products. It is also very skillful to use a die-casting machine to make a good product. It depends on the skill of the master of the press. The pressure must be controlled when the press is pressed. If the pressure is too high, the product will have a lot of burrs and consume electricity, and the pressure is too small. The surface of the product will appear uneven and uneven, so the press master must control the machine to produce a good product! 3. Polishing, which is the most important link in the production process of luggage hardware accessories, just like women’s jewelry. The sparkle is very bright and smooth because it is highly polished and then electroplated to produce such a shiny effect. The same is true for luggage hardware accessories accessories. To become shiny, you need to polish. 4. The upper foot piece, because the product is to be fixed on the bag, the iron wire foot piece is required. The iron wire is fixed to the foot piece by die casting. 5. Electroplating, electroplating depends on the technique of the electroplating master. Firstly, the impurities in the product area should be washed with sulfuric acid, and then the product will be primed with a bronzer. This is also called primer. The thicker the primer, the better. Put it in the electroplating tank if the electroplating time is too long or too short, even more so. The electroplating is completed one by one. JunQi can professionally provide you with the customization of luggage hardware accessories, luggage hardware, luggage buckles, luggage hardware buckles, to meet your individual needs, make your luggage hardware accessories unique, and make your luggage shine!
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