JunQi will talk to you about the storage methods of several luggage hardware accessories

by:JunQi     2021-09-21
Generally, there are very few plastic parts in the luggage. Generally, there are more hardware parts, and the plastic parts are easy to be damaged no matter how hard the texture is, but the hardware parts are different. Let's take a look at the storage methods of luggage hardware accessories. 1. Copper luggage hardware accessories are generally used for high-end luggage. Its advantage is that it is not easy to rust, but it does not mean that it will not react in any medium, causing oxidation, rust, and spotting. Generally, manufacturers will do a layer of treatment on the surface, such as sweeping Teflon, to make the surface more moisture-proof. Copper accessories are heavier than other materials, and are generally used for some accessories on women's bags, but everyone knows that copper products are of better quality and the price is relatively higher than other materials. Generally, cheap bags will not use such accessories, because of the high cost of the material itself and the main processing complexity, only high-end bags will choose this accessory. Some common luggage 'copper' accessories are just some iron accessories purchased by merchants that are plated into imitation copper, so you should pay attention when choosing!   Storage method: Try to use a plastic bag to cover it or use some oil to protect it, and separate the moisture from it, so that it can be used for a longer time. 2. Stainless steel luggage hardware fittings are generally used for good quality luggage and some heavy-duty boxes. Stainless steel handbags hardware fittings have one advantage: they are more resistant to moisture, but it does not mean that they will not rust and stain. It is that we have plated a protective film on its surface so that it will not directly come into contact with the air, which will cause rusting due to moisture. However, ordinary stainless steel will still rust and cause spots, such as the dishes we usually use. Our average salt spray resistance test will generally reach 72H and above 200H. The higher the salt spray resistance test, the less prone to rust and oxidation. The general treatment is to apply a sealant, and the better is to do passivation. Of course, think To achieve a better moisture-proof effect, its cost will increase even more. If the manufacturers who have requirements on quality also understand the unit price, the so-called 'you get what you pay for!'   Storage method: Try not to touch acidic liquids and keep the environment dry. Please seal the objects with plastic bags when not in use. This is a relatively simple storage method! 3. Zinc alloy luggage hardware accessories are the more common luggage accessories in the market. They are mainly used for ladies' bags and some ordinary luggage. Its price is relatively cheap, and the accessories made are beautiful and not easy to oxidize, but some are used for suitcases. The handle accessories on the top are easy to break. The reason is that the manufacturer uses recycled materials or some low-density materials to cast. Its surface is very beautiful and beautiful after being polished and electroplated, but it can bear the weight. Greatly reduced. Therefore, friends should pay special attention to the manufacturer's raw materials when buying handbags and luggage hardware accessories or custom handbags and luggage hardware accessories accessories, to see the manufacturer's quality and reliability! JunQi's raw materials are imported high-quality environmentally friendly materials, strictly control the quality from the source, and grasp all the possibilities of quality. Storage method: Zinc alloy fittings have a beautiful appearance after electroplating, so in the process of storage, wipe clean with a dry cloth if they are touched with your hands, and put them in a dry place as much as possible, and protect them with plastic bags. The surface is not so easy to change color.  4. Iron luggage hardware accessories are also common to everyone. Many friends will think that iron must be bad handbag hardware accessories. No, everyone is wrong. As long as the properties of iron are well handled, it can also make high-end products. For example, its advantages are that it has more endurance, the cost is relatively low, and the surface treatment can be diversified. Make nickel plating, chromium plating, zinc plating, gold plating, copper plating and other effects required by customers. But the disadvantage is that it is easy to rust, but the effect of it is very good after the surface treatment is done and then the nickel rack or other special treatments are carried out. After completion, it is OK to ensure that the protective film is intact and not damp. It is a material that is commonly purchased in luggage hardware accessories accessories.   Storage method: Use some plastic bags to seal it in normal storage, and keep it away from moisture. 5. Plastic luggage hardware accessories are mainly used for some backpacks and travel bags. Its main advantages are light weight and low price. According to the needs of customers, different plastic materials can be selected to make accessories of different styles and quality.    Storage method: No Need special protection and storage, but the use period is short.   Among the several kinds of hardware accessories for handbags and bags above, the hardware handbags and luggage accessories are convenient for storage and look more beautiful and generous. If you want customized hardware for handbags and luggage accessories, you can ask our JunQi to make them professionally for you. JunQi focuses on the research and development, production and sales of luggage hardware accessories. Products include dog buckles, luggage hardware buckles, hardware signs, luggage buckles, belt buckles, belt buckles, etc.
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