Know the color material of the belt buckle

by:JunQi     2021-09-13
The colors of men's belt buckles are: chrome color gun color, gold electrophoresis, pearl, pearl gun, no lat, no lat, gold no lat, no lat, bronze, green, bronze, red, bronze, chrome brush, chrome brush, color brush, bronze brush Etc.; deduction surface effect can be processed: laser silk screen, epoxy resin, rubbing, oiling, drilling, sand sweeping (drawing), color separation and electroplating. The hardware buckles used for belts and belts are called buckles or lead in the leather and belt industries. They can generally be divided into the following types: die-cast alloy buckles, the main component of which is zinc alloy (and a few of them are die-cast copper buckles) ); Iron wire buckle, mainly in the shape of a buckle folded by iron wire or steel wire through a mold; Iron sheet military buckle, that is, a roller belt buckle made of iron sheet is called a military buckle.
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