Knowledge of painting and buttoning when making belt buckles

by:JunQi     2021-09-13
The editor will take everyone to learn about the knowledge of painting and buttoning when making belt buckles. Are you interested? Hurry up and see, come on.   spray paint (oil spray).   In addition to the optional color, there are differences in brightness, such as varnish, semi-varnish and matt oil. Spraying transparent oil, commonly known as spraying oil, is mainly for the purpose of anti-acid treatment or surface protection for belt buckles. Grease means to wipe off the protruding part of the surface after spraying oil.  Button hitting   Button hitting must use matching molds. The production of buttons uses tailor-made molds, so you must also tailor-made button molds when you press buttons. It is not recommended to use button molds from other manufacturers; because buttons produced by many manufacturers may have an appearance It's almost the same, but the effects are different. The buttons produced by different manufacturers' molds are different; when button products are printed, the button molds obtained from other channels are not used.
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