Lock quality inspection method

by:JunQi     2021-09-09
Locks are used to fasten two items. For luggage hardware accessories locks, hardware locks are more decoration and set off. A good hardware lock can make your luggage more perfect. In reality, we How to identify the quality of a hardware lock? First of all, we can start from the surface of the hardware lock. The surface of a good hardware lock is very smooth. Coupled with a series of other treatments such as electroplating, a perfect lock has a very smooth surface, but a poor plate is made. The product is bumpy, even if several layers of surface treatment are applied, because the surface treatment will not fill the product surface defects. When you judge whether a lock is good or bad, you can also check whether the surface of the lock has small bubbles or yellowing! A good quality lock surface is perfect, which can make our bags more beautiful and gorgeous! Then, we can also start from the edge and the inside of the product. Good products are produced through burr treatment, so that the product will not be scratched, and the locks will look more beautiful, and many poor quality locks are not passed. The burr treatment is directly assembled, so that part of the cost can be saved, and it will be scratched or difficult to open when used. This is called cutting corners. We can judge the quality of a lock, and we can also judge from the edge and the inside of the product.
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