Luggage hardware accessories have a 'finishing finishing touch' effect on luggage

by:JunQi     2021-09-01
We often say that luggage hardware accessories accessories have a finishing touch on luggage, which shows the importance of luggage hardware accessories accessories to the quality of luggage. The quality and grade of a bag can be reflected in many hardware details of the bag. As long as you know how to observe, you can quickly see the grade of a bag.   1. Good bag fabrics, bags naturally use good fabrics. There are many kinds of bag fabrics, such as synthetic leather, PU, u200bu200breal leather, cloth, etc. The cloth is more common, and the quality of real leather is better. Generally speaking, the fabric directly determines the quality of the bag. If you want a customized bag, of course, you must choose high-quality fabrics.  2. Packaging process The quality of the package depends on the process. The production process of a good package is usually more complicated. If there are many splicing decorations on a bag or there are many sub-bags inside and outside, this means that the production process is more complicated, it takes a lot of time to produce, and the production cost will be relatively high. The production process of the bag is complicated, and the grade is naturally higher. There are also bags with many functions and many auxiliary bags, but the workmanship is average and the sewing is not fine. In this case, points should be reduced.  3. The quality of the luggage hardware accessories of the bag also has many grades. Every bag has some hardware accessories, at least a zipper. A good bag must be equipped with good bag hardware accessories. For the overall effect, bad bag hardware accessories are a serious consumption of the texture of the bag. On the other hand, since good fabrics are used, why not go with good luggage hardware accessories accessories to add the finishing touch? JunQi can professionally provide you with the customization of luggage hardware accessories, luggage hardware, luggage buckles, luggage hardware buckles, to meet your individual needs, make your luggage hardware accessories unique, and make your luggage shine!
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