Men's selection of belt buckles with key positioning

by:JunQi     2021-09-15
Boys have very few ornaments, and the belt has become a very heavy force. In recent years, the trend of belts has focused on belt buckles. To be a perfect boy, don't neglect the choice of belt. Ties, backpacks, shoes, after finishing the accessories on the body, the belt that connects the upper and lower body is usually the most finishing touch, but it has become the most overlooked part of men. The classic men are composed, calm, and reserved. The classic belt buckles are simple, pure and tough. For example, the combination of the classic black belt and the silver-white buckle shows the concise and clear nature of a man. Free, unrestrained, and energetic male charm cannot be resisted, so only a more bold decorative belt buckle can set off the extraordinary masculinity and distinctive personality costumes. According to the style, men's belts are the same as men's wear. They are divided into formal wear, casual wear, and fashionable avant-garde. From the structure, it can be divided into single-layer leather, composite leather, spliced u200bu200bleather and woven leather. That is to say, the style of the belt is closely related to the occasion and the overall match of the dress. Don't think that the belt is just to prevent the pants from loosening, but it is not the case. The decorative significance of men's belts is far greater than its original practical function-to fix the waistband.
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