Men should choose the right belt buckle

by:JunQi     2021-09-28
Ordinary belt buckle, this type of belt buckle is mainly suitable for men's use. Generally, it has a smooth surface and no too gorgeous decoration. It can be equipped with formal wear or leisure wear, such as: pin buckle belt buckle, plate buckle belt buckle, automatic Buckle belt buckle and popular LED belt personalized decorative belt buckle: This type of belt buckle has a variety of styles, with obvious regional colors, such as diamond-encrusted surfaces, flowers, cartoons, animal patterns, Human heads, letters, heart-shaped five-pointed stars, this type of belt buckle can express people's personality and pursuit of fashion. The size of the high-end belt buckle should be appropriate: it is best to determine the size of the belt buckle according to the size of the individual body and the size of the pants. , There is a sense of awkwardness and rudeness, a tall and slender man with a small ring-shaped belt buckle will appear not dignified enough, more than thin.
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