Precautions for installing luggage hardware accessories

by:JunQi     2021-09-20
Just as belts are men’s favorites, bags are also every girl’s favorite. I don’t know why girls have a fascinating yearning for bags. In fact, the decoration of hardware accessories outside the bags is also very important, because The decoration of hardware accessories outside the bag affects the overall effect of the bag. And when installing the luggage hardware accessories accessories, there must be precautions. 1. The angle of installation must be in place. Many small hardware accessories are mostly right-angled or triangular-shaped products. If the installation is not in place, the product is not only ugly after installation, it may also be easily deformed under pressure, and it is more likely to catch things outside.   2. The lines of the accessories should be even and symmetrical. This point emphasizes whether the hardware accessories can fit well with large products after installation. Issues related to the senses.  3. The shape should be complete. This is not only the integrity of the front, but also the inside of the blind and dark corners should be smooth and intact.  4. Control the installation strength; can't use brute force; so as not to deform; use a 'smart' word.   When we buy bags, we always look at our own mood. We never care about the difficulty of the workers in installing the hardware accessories of the bags. JunQi focuses on the research and development, production and sales of luggage hardware accessories accessories. Products include dog buckles, luggage hardware accessories buckles, hardware signs, luggage buckles, belt buckles, belt buckles, etc.
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