Process of luggage hardware accessories

by:JunQi     2021-09-02
For some bag lovers, when they choose their bags, they will also pay attention to luggage hardware accessories. The craftsmanship of luggage hardware accessories accessories is very important, so let's follow the JunQi belt buckle manufacturer to learn about luggage hardware accessories. Craftsmanship. 1. The technological process of luggage hardware accessories: in the production process, the production process of directly changing the shape, size, precision and performance of the part and the assembly relationship. 2. The production cycle of luggage hardware accessories: refers to the time from the acceptance of mold orders to the delivery of qualified molds after mold trial evaluation. 3. The life of luggage hardware accessories: refers to the total number of parts that can be processed by the mold under the premise of the quality of the product parts. It includes the life of the working surface after multiple grinding and replacement of wearing parts. 4. Forming surface: refers to the surface that directly determines the shape, size and accuracy of the product part in the mold and the relevant surface that is coordinated with these surfaces. 5. Imprint file repair method: Use a pre-made die or punch to press the punch into the die to a certain depth under the condition of lubrication, file off the excess metal of the punch or die, then imprint and file again , A processing method to obtain a shaped surface later. 6. Hole system of luggage hardware accessories accessories: In the process of mold parts, some parts are good for concave molds, convex mold fixing plates, upper and lower mold seats, etc. There are often a series of round holes, and the size of each hole and the relative position between them are certain. According to the requirements, these holes are called hole series.   When buying bags, a good bag is mainly made by the craftsmanship of the hardware accessories of the bag, so it is more important to choose a high-quality bag hardware manufacturer.
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