Purchase skills of aluminum alloy flight case

by:JunQi     2021-09-15
The traditional simple wooden box packaging and transportation make high-tech products ineffectively protected and poor maneuverability during long-distance transportation. The air box is created in response to this drawback and is used to replace the packaging products transported in wooden boxes. The increasingly frequent cross-border trade has entered a golden stage for the use and development of air boxes, especially in the field of stage lighting equipment, medical equipment, audio-visual system multimedia, optoelectronics industry, military transportation packaging and military equipment transportation and other high-tech equipment fields. . So how to choose a flight case? Next, JunQi Hardware Editor will give you a brief introduction. First, whether all the accessories of the entire flight case reach the specification, whether the general thickness is reached, if there is a phenomenon that the accessories are relatively thin, then the service life of the flight case will be shorter. Air box accessories are installed in various positions of the air box to protect and beautify the appearance of the air box. Air box accessories include: 160 spring handle, butterfly lock, ball wrap angle, wrap angle, angle aluminum, wheel socket, caster, upper and lower M-shaped aluminum, U strip, etc. Air box accessories materials are divided into: chrome-plated iron, galvanized iron, stainless steel 304, etc. Second, we also need to look at the after-sales service. After we buy it and use it for a period of time, we find that it needs to be repaired. Then a good aluminum alloy flight case manufacturer will provide you with some follow-up services such as inspection and repair, and the warranty period will be very long. Third, check whether the material of the aluminum alloy flight case is oxidized. Good products under normal conditions have a high degree of oxidation resistance. Fourth, look at the thickness of the wood board, the general wood board is best to be 12mm, so that it can achieve the effect of not being easily deformed. Dongguan JunQi Hardware Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development, production and sales of luggage accessories. Products include air box accessories, luggage buckles, luggage hardware accessories buckles, luggage hardware accessories accessories, etc.
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