Screen printing signs classification

by:JunQi     2021-09-10
JunQi specifically introduces the graphic screen printing process of corrosion signs to readers. 1. Silk screen aluminum oxide dyeing signs. Aluminum oxide signs have a hard and smooth surface, wear-resistant and durable. After the aluminum oxide signs and panels are oxidized and sealed, there is an oxide film on the surface to make the surface hard and smooth. Screen printing with general inks tends to have poor adhesion, which should be paid special attention to. To solve this problem, you must first solve the problem of ink and operation for silk screen printing. The use of alumina screen printing ink is the key to solving the problems of adhesion and firmness of the ink film in alumina screen printing. This kind of ink is different from the general ink, it will adhere firmly to the aluminum plate, and it also has good light resistance. It is an ideal ink for silk-screening aluminum anode high-quality oxidation signs. 2. Silk-printed convex-concave color aluminum signs The convex-concave signs are painted in the recesses. They have good abrasion resistance and three-dimensional effects. They are mostly used for mechanical nameplates and company plaques. The traditional production method is to manually paint on the corroded recesses (or use injection needles to inject paint), and then use manual trimming to remove the residual paint on the edges. This method is not only time-consuming and inefficient, and requires the operator to have skilled skills, but also the produced corrosion signs often have unclear edges, deformed handwriting and very unstable quality. Therefore, it is limited to the production of signs with small batches, few colors, low quality requirements, and very simple patterns. 3. Silk-screen sandblasting, oxidation and paint-inlaid aluminum signs The process of silk-screen sandblasting and oxidation and paint-inlaid signs is a traditional sign making process. This type of product has a silver-white appearance, high surface hardness and good wear resistance. 4. Silk-printed wooden self-alumina signs Water white alumina signs are a new type of matte surface signs that have recently appeared in my country. This kind of sign has a milky white appearance, smooth surface, no unevenness, heat resistance, salt spray resistance, mildew resistance, and strong sun resistance, abrasion resistance, and organic solvent resistance. It is suitable for frequent wiping. The machine tool and the complete machine working in a harsh environment. What is even more commendable is that the silk-printed water-white alumina signs have fewer production processes, high work efficiency, and basically no 'three wastes'. The manpower and energy (including water and electricity) consumption is not more than one-third of the traditional corrosion signs. 5. Printed aluminum oxide color signs Aluminum flat positive quality oxide signs are one of the types of signs, and they are widely used. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, brightness, high hardness and good wear resistance. In the past, the technological process was aluminum plate blanking, mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, and oxidation; indirect method for making screen plates, lithopone white thick paint plus alkyd varnish for protection printing; dyeing paste for coloring. This process has the disadvantages of large amounts of materials, complicated processes, low printing resistance, poor resolution, and high cost, whether it is screen-making or dyeing. Under the existing technical conditions, it is possible to formulate a set of new processes with relatively simple procedures, good quality and high efficiency. The new process uses the direct method of non-toxic diazo photosensitive glue to make screen printing plates. Practice has proved that it can meet the requirements of fast plate making, high resolution, high printing endurance and less materials. Moreover, the processes of printing protective paint, dyeing, and deprinting material can be combined into one, that is, self-made water-based dyeing printing material, direct dyeing, successive color printing, without the need for a color tank. This greatly simplifies the entire process and operating procedures, so that there is a new method for flat oxidation dyeing signs. JunQi's main products: shoe eyes, magnesium ingot buckles, signs, tiger bone carabiners, shoelace heads, nails, thread buckles, buckles, belt buckles, etc., mainly used in casual shoes, boots, hiking shoes, bags, Handbags, clothing, pet hardware accessories and other fields.
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