The belt buckle is no longer just a tool for tying a belt

by:JunQi     2021-09-14
Belts have become a fashion. Looking closely at the international small and large exhibitions, designers can no longer do without belts. Especially for men, almost every man wears a belt on his trousers. Belts are divided into belt pin buckles, toggle belts and automatic belt buckles. Chinese people generally use pin buckles, and foreigners generally use automatic buckles. The changes in belt trends are largely accomplished by hooks and buckles. The shape, size and style of the hooks also show the charm of men. The pure gold hooks and buckles show nobleness; the copper hooks and buckles show the calmness and strength of men; the wide round buckles fully show the fortitude of men; the oval buckles show the maturity of men; the square buckles represent men's not. Vulgar character. The classic man is steady, calm and reserved, while the classic belt is simple, elegant and tough. For example, the combination of a classic black belt and silver-white buckle can easily show a man's concise and clear qualities.
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