The Nirvana Process of a Belt Buckle

by:JunQi     2021-08-27
Interpretation of belt buckle manufacturing process. The curved structure of the high-strength belt buckle is realized by a special folding and stamping system, and a special imported stainless steel material is used to ensure the strength, elasticity and toughness of the belt buckle. The editor of Yiwei Hardware will take everyone to understand the process of making belt buckles:    One, electroplating. Electroplating is an indispensable and important part of every hardware category, such as belt buckles. 1. From the type of electroplating, it is divided into: rolling electricity and hanging electricity. Yanshi Longyu Machinery reminds everyone that rolling electricity is used on products that do not have high requirements on the appearance of hardware buckle products. The hardware products electroplated by it will not be very shiny and will have flower marks. Of course, the cost of electroplating is also lower. The three pieces of corns, bumps, five-claw buttons, and snap buttons are generally electric rolling. Hanging electricity is used on products that have relatively high requirements on the appearance of hardware buckle products, such as alloy button noodles, small hardware pin buckles, and hardware chains are generally used for hanging electricity. 2. From the perspective of environmental protection, it can be divided into: nickel plating and nickel-free plating. Electroplating is the chemical treatment of the color into a thin film, which is attached to the surface of the product. If nickel components are infiltrated during the electroplating process, it will lead to non-compliance with the national environmental protection standards, and nickel electroplating; if there is no nickel infiltrating during the electroplating process, it is nickel-free electroplating. Of course, nickel-free electroplating of hardware products also requires raw materials. For example, the raw materials that contain nickel can not be used for nickel-free electroplating. ? 3. Commonly used electroplating colors are: green bronze, black bronze, red bronze, nickel, dumb nickel, black nickel, light black nickel, dark black nickel, etc.   Second, spray paint (oil spray). In addition to the adjustable color of the fuel injection, there are differences in brightness, such as varnish, semi-varnish, and matt. Spraying transparent oil, commonly known as spraying oil, is mainly for acid-proof treatment or surface protection. Grease means to wipe off the protruding part of the surface after spraying oil. ? Three, the button must be used to match the mold. The production of buttons uses tailor-made molds, so you must also tailor-made button molds when making buttons. It is not recommended to use button molds from other manufacturers; because buttons produced by many manufacturers may have an appearance It's almost the same, but the effects are different. The buttons produced by different manufacturers' molds are different; when button products are printed, the button molds obtained from other channels are not used.
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