The plating method of luggage hardware accessories

by:JunQi     2021-09-03
When producing luggage hardware accessories, electroplating is often used, and electroplating can be divided into barrel plating, rack plating, oil sealing, and environmentally friendly electroplating. Then let's understand these electroplating methods. Barrel plating: The product is not polished, and it is electroplated only after a simple over-vibration machine and a scraper. The plating method is to put all the accessories in a barrel plating tank, and then roll them up for plating. In this way, the surface of the electroplated product will have some small pits, the color is not uniform, not very smooth, and the brightness is poor. Therefore, it is not conducive to long-term storage, and it is not easy to protect it. Rack plating: The blanks of hardware products are polished several times before being sent to the electroplating factory. The plating method of luggage hardware accessories accessories is to hang up the electricity separately one by one. Therefore, after the product is plated, the brightness is good, the color is uniform, the surface is very smooth, etc., which can be well protected, so the surface of the product is smooth and bright. Sealing oil: Sealing oil can be called the second protective insurance for hardware products. The oil-sealing layer can also protect the electroplating layer well, making it difficult to be oxidized, scratched, and corroded by mist. The performance of the product is greatly improved. Like some liquor manufacturers, their packaging box hardware accessories and sealing oil must pass the salt spray test; because the wine cellar contains a certain amount of alcohol. If the salt spray test cannot be passed, the hardware fittings are susceptible to discoloration and blackening due to the erosion of alcohol. Environmentally friendly electroplating: Needless to say, friends who do foreign trade come in contact with it more. The material and electroplating of hardware accessories are different in each country. To make products in that country, you must follow their regulations. Environmentally friendly electroplating is usually called 'Wu Lai'. JunQi produces and sells hardware accessories for luggage, handbags, clothing and footwear. The company has more than ten years of production experience in die-casting hardware, and has a group of experienced technical backbones. 'Integrity management, mutual benefit and win-win' is the foundation The purpose of the company; the company has multiple departments such as mold design workshop, die-casting workshop, stamping workshop, packaging workshop, etc. The products include pull cards, pin buckles, circles, square buckles, dog buckles, decorative buckles, corns, studs, luggage Locks, etc., have always provided considerate services to our customers, and the product quality has been unanimously recognized by the industry.
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