The production process of luggage hardware accessories

by:JunQi     2021-09-02
If the luggage does not have good hardware accessories, it means that the manufacturer will not or cannot produce good luggage products; then the product of a luggage manufacturer depends on the configuration of the hardware accessories. Let’s take a look at the production process of the luggage hardware accessories accessories. . The first step for    luggage manufacturers is to make good molds.   If the second step is die casting. The die-casting machine is an extremely experienced machine, and it cannot be operated by ordinary people. Why do you say that? Die-casting machines generally have different tonnages, and often the tonnage of luggage hardware accessories will be about 25 tons. Only experienced masters can operate this type of die-casting machine, because experienced masters can control the strength of the pressure. If the pressure of the die-casting machine is lighter, it will definitely make the product uneven and smooth. If the pressure is greater, you will find burrs on the luggage products and increase the electricity cost of the enterprise. Therefore, it is not easy to hire a good die-casting machine master, not only can reduce the cost of the enterprise, but also can make the product as few as possible defective products. The third step is polishing. In the production of luggage hardware accessories accessories, polishing is an important sign to determine whether the luggage can sell for a good price, especially the hardware of customized high-end luggage is as careful as gilding, if the luggage accessories are shiny If you feel like this, you need to perform a high degree of polishing and then electroplating. The shiny effect can only appear after the last step is completed. Therefore, for such products that require shiny luggage hardware accessories, polishing is an extremely important step. The fourth step is to put on the foot piece. Friends who are very careful when using luggage products will definitely find that the luggage products will have foot pieces. This is to fix the luggage to make it more durable or have a more shape that consumers like. The two will be used here. The two machines are a punching machine and a tapping machine. The punching machine is a die-casting equipment. Nowadays, the production technology is improved and it is gradually replaced by bench drills. The last step is electroplating. Electroplating also pays more attention to the experience of the electroplating master. Too long and decisive electroplating will have a serious impact on the hardware accessories of the luggage, affect the aesthetics, etc., so the electroplating master needs to grasp the process of the electroplating cylinder operation After a good time, the hardware accessories of the luggage will be sent to the customer after packaging.
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