The role and process of luggage hardware grinding

by:JunQi     2021-08-30
Whether a handbag is beautiful or not, in addition to leather material selection and design, hardware accessories are also very important, especially golden hardware, which is inlaid on the handbag, adding a luxurious and graceful atmosphere to the handbag, which is deeply loved by people. , There are other colors, such as nickel, gun, cyan, ancient silver, etc., colorful. In the production of hardware, everyone knows that alloy products need to be polished, which is an indispensable process. Every hardware product must be polished and polished so that it is bright and bright, so that it can see people. This is the best alloy product. All hardware manufacturers are working hard in this area, but due to various factors, such as molds, beer machines, and polishing level restrictions, there are many scraps, labor and time, and it is difficult for some to reach a higher level. There is a method that has been ignored for a long time and has not been applied, that is, grinding, water vibration grinding, experts will sneer when they hear it. The results achieved, I have been engaged in die-casting hardware for many years, and I attach great importance to grinding, scientifically grinding, sum up a set of grinding methods, and share with you. The grinding method of zinc alloy accessories for belt buckles, luggage and handbags first emerged in Japan and later spread to Taiwan. After the reform and opening up, Taiwanese businessmen brought it to the mainland. Grinding is very particular: 1. Vibration machines, there are various types of vibration machines, there are rollers, there are buckets, different vibration machines, and different effects. 2. What kind of stone to use, what shape of stone, what time period and how long to use, these are all rules to follow. 3. Grinding fluid and brightener, auxiliary function, play a great role in the smoothness and bright color of hardware. First of all, first use a cone-shaped rubber stone to strike the front. It takes more than 2 hours, depending on the quality of the hardware, some even more than 3 hours. During this period of time, it is necessary to put the grinding fluid, the water can not be interrupted, and the small water flow, slowly grinding. During this period, you should constantly observe the changes on the surface of the hardware to determine the grinding time. After 2 hours, observe that most of the drape and water marks on the surface of the hardware are grinded, and immediately move on to the next step. The action must be fast and the hardware must be soaked in water to avoid oxidation. Next, replace the stone, preferably. Into a small long rubber stone, with a diameter of 2 mm, a cylindrical shape, and one with pointed ends. The vibration machine should also be replaced with a drum type, and the water and grinding fluid should be drained. At this stage, the big rubber stone cannot be hit. The small drape and smooth surface make the hardware smooth, and it takes more than 2 hours to wash away the impurities accumulated last time with the abrasive liquid. The last process is to replace the fishing bucket. The stone needs to use a small round rubber stone with a diameter of about 5 mm. The grinding fluid cannot be used. Brightener is required. The grinding time should last for 3 hours. The speed of the bucket should be Rotate slowly and slowly to make the hardware smooth and bright. After 3 hours, it will be dried and enter the next process. The brightness of the hardware polished through these processes is inferior to that of manual polishing, but the effect after electroplating is not worse than manual polishing, even better and more natural than polished. Hand polishing will have traces of carving, while the polished hardware is very natural, smooth and harmonious. Many foreign customers like this polished hardware effect.
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