The usage and understanding of different styles of belt buckles

by:JunQi     2021-09-29
The belt buckle plate is a square stainless steel sheet with four holes matching with the protruding posts. At the same time, a belt buckle post is fixed, and the belt buckle plate is fixed on the protruding post by screws. When in use, one end of the belt without an eye passes through the frame slot on the panel and is fixed on the convex column by the belt buckle plate, and the belt buckle column is inserted into the eye on the other end of the belt. Because the panel of this tungsten steel or cermet belt buckle is integral, it will not break. The key feature of the plate buckle is that there is a hook with a ball in the middle of the front part of the belt buckle. After the belt is looped around, the hook is hooked into the round hole at the tail of the belt body, so that it is stuck. This kind of buckle with hook has many shapes and different structures, but we collectively call this kind of belt buckle with hook a plate buckle.
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