Two factors for choosing luggage hardware accessories manufacturers

by:JunQi     2021-08-28
Various hardware accessories are indispensable in the production of luggage. Therefore, in the leather capital of Shiling, there are many hardware accessories manufacturers. So how to choose hardware accessories manufacturers, we, as experienced industry professionals, have a certain say. First of all, it is necessary to investigate whether the manufacturer has production licenses and other documents. Hardware die-casting and electroplating is a labor-intensive enterprise, and relevant qualifications are required to guide the goods to be done. This is the primary inspection task for the luggage factory to choose hardware accessories suppliers. It is not possible to use unlicensed small workshops to provide accessories because of the low quotation. Some small factories do illegal production without a production license. If you purchase these hardware accessories manufacturers’ products, not only the quality cannot be guaranteed, but also the problem of claim settlement is difficult to solve. Secondly, word of mouth is the magic weapon that can attract customers most in the luggage hardware accessories accessories industry; a strong and capable manufacturer often has the first good word of mouth in the industry. We serve many luggage factories and shoe factories in Guangdong. We have a friendly relationship with customers, and we can also get orders from old customers to introduce new customers. Dongguan JunQi Hardware Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of hardware accessories for luggage, decoration, commodity signs and footwear. Welcome Guangdong luggage hardware accessories manufacturers to visit our company.
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