What are the advantages and disadvantages of smooth buckle and automatic belt buckle? Can you talk in detail?

by:JunQi     2021-09-26
u200bEach has its advantages. The automatic belt buckle can be contracted and more convenient. It does not need to be manually released. The automatic belt buckle has magnets, and the belt body has gear teeth of about 10cm. The smooth buckle is like a military buckle. There is a movable blade in the middle to clamp the belt. Operation A little troublesome, but a little more variety. Introduction to belts: belts refer to leather belts. At present, the international community advocates environmental protection, so PU belts are the most popular, and there are fewer and fewer leather belts in the market. my country is the world's largest exporter of belts. Belts exported to the European Union and the United States must meet strict environmental and non-toxic standards. Automatic belt buckle, although the automatic buckle buckle looks more difficult to get off, but a closer inspection will find that there are small accessories next to the automatic door handle, and then you will find that there will be a reaction when you turn it, usually a few more times You can take off the automatic buckle belt, then adjust the length of the belt yourself, and then turn it up in the opposite direction after the adjustment is complete. It can be done easily and easily. u200bThe use of automatic belt buckle points 1. First of all, let's talk about the choice of the buckle, alloy, not iron, which is easy to rust. The leather of the strip is better than other materials. Note that the slide must be of good quality to be durable. 2. Frequently Asked Questions: The strip and the buckle are easy to fall off and separate. Then you need to squeeze the slot into which the strap is inserted with pliers. If it is still loose, just wrap a cloth strip around the head of the strip. 3. Another is that the belt will not be stuck when it is strenuous. This situation excludes the wear of the slide, that is, the pressing angle of the buckle is too small, just press down.
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