What are the characteristics of zinc alloy or other metal belt buckles in the industry?

by:JunQi     2021-08-29
The application of zinc in hardware processing small accessories or small accessories is very long and short, because this is determined by the functional characteristics of zinc, and the processing of belt buckles in the decoration industry also uses this type of metal material. The characteristic of zinc metal in the industry is that it contains excellent corrosion resistance and protection against steel corrosion. Zinc can prevent further oxidation. Belt buckles processed with metal zinc can prevent the surface from blackening under long-term use. The phenomenon of rust, the scale potential of zinc is lower than that of iron. The galvanized layer coated on the steel surface has a physical protective effect of isolating the atmosphere and preventing oxygen corrosion of the steel. Even if the galvanized layer is locally damaged or cracked? The potential is relatively negative. The galvanized layer will be preferentially corroded, and still has an electrochemical protective effect on steel? That is, it sacrifices itself and protects steel. It is widely used as steel plating protection and sacrificial anode protection. Metal zinc also has a good electromagnetic function. Zinc is a very effective shielding material. The length and length of zinc is magnetic? It is easily separated from the black metal. This function makes it suitable for the housing and parts of instruments and meters. It is also suitable for the requirement that the vending machine requires that the coins are non-magnetic, have a large specific gravity and are easy to distinguish.
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