What are the common problems with bag accessories

by:JunQi     2021-09-20
1. The metal chain and buckle need to be wiped with a clean soft cloth to maintain their brightness, and the chain strap should be stored in the leather bag. When not in use, please put the leather goods in a dust bag. If you want to better protect the leather, you can put tissue paper on the inside to maintain the original leather texture. If it is golden, there will be a slight fading, and the silver will be much better. The paint/scratches are ugly! What should I do if this problem occurs? Most of the hardware accessories on the bags on the market are 'electroplating products.' Electroplating means attaching a layer of material to the metal surface. We call it an electroplating layer. The electroplating layer is very thin, generally only 0.03mm to 0.06mm. 2. Since the bag is often carried by us, it will accelerate the wear of the electroplated layer, causing the problem of color fading and oxidation and rust. So, after using the bag for a period of time, if you find that the metal parts are worn or scratched, you don't need to be nervous. These conditions are normal. Third, the wear of hardware accessories is inevitable and irreversible. Once these conditions occur, daily care alone cannot restore the 'wounded' hardware accessories. Therefore, how to delay the wear and fading speed of bag hardware accessories has become the key to maintenance.
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