What are the luggage hardware accessories

by:JunQi     2021-09-04
First of all, general luggage hardware accessories accessories include: copper handbags and luggage hardware accessories, stainless steel handbags and luggage hardware accessories, zinc alloy handbags hardware die-casting accessories, iron handbags and luggage hardware accessories stamping accessories, aluminum handbags and luggage hardware die-casting accessories, and plastic accessories. Copper luggage accessories are generally used for high-end luggage. Its advantage is that it is not easy to rust, but it does not mean that it will not react in any medium, causing oxidation, rust, and spotting. In addition, various hardware The accessories also have many specifications. Generally, manufacturers will do a layer of treatment on the surface, such as sweeping Teflon, to make its surface more moisture-proof. Copper accessories are heavier than other materials, and are generally used for some accessories on women's bags, but everyone knows that copper products are of better quality and the price is relatively higher than other materials. Generally, low-cost bags will not use such accessories, because of the high cost of the material itself and the main processing complexity, only high-end bags will choose this accessory. Some common luggage 'copper' accessories are just some iron accessories purchased by the merchants that are plated into imitation copper, so you should pay attention when choosing! Stainless steel luggage accessories are generally used on high-end luggage and some heavy-duty boxes. Stainless steel handbags and luggage hardware accessories have one advantage: they are more resistant to moisture, but it does not mean that they will not rust and stain, but we are already in His surface is coated with a protective film, so that it will not directly come into contact with the air, which will cause rusting due to moisture. However, ordinary stainless steel will still rust and cause spots, such as the dishes we usually use. Our average salt spray resistance test will generally reach 72H and above 200H. The higher the salt spray resistance test, the less likely it is to rust and oxidize. The general treatment is to apply a sealant, and the better is to do passivation. Of course, think To achieve a better moisture-proof effect, its cost will increase even more. If manufacturers who have requirements on quality also understand the unit price, the so-called 'you get what you pay for.' JunQi What we pursue is high-quality clothing accessories, luggage hardware accessories, reasonable dog buckles, alloy jewelry, hardware signs and other product prices, and considerate after-sales service! Welcome to customize with samples and drawings.
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