What are the luggage hardware accessories included?

by:JunQi     2021-09-01
What are the luggage hardware accessories included? Generally speaking, luggage hardware refers to luggage hardware accessories accessories. Manufacturers of handbags and bags need to use various techniques to install luggage hardware accessories on the luggage. What is luggage hardware? First, general luggage accessories include: copper luggage hardware accessories, stainless steel luggage hardware accessories, zinc alloy hardware die-casting accessories, iron luggage hardware stamping accessories, aluminum luggage hardware die-casting accessories, and plastic accessories. The main product categories of luggage hardware accessories are: tie rods, small wheels, mushroom nails, ram nails, foot nails, hollow nails, sliders, corns, D buckles, dog buckles, pin passes, belt buckles, chains, coils, locks, magnets Buttons, various trademarks and decorative hardware, etc. All kinds of hardware are divided into different categories according to their functions or shapes. And all kinds of luggage hardware accessories also have many specifications. accessories have many colors according to electroplating: white, gold, gun black, green bronze, green ancient brush, chrome and so on. There are also many points to pay attention to in electroplating. Different electroplating colors have different requirements for the process. When exporting, pay attention to whether it meets environmental protection and non-toxic requirements. JunQi can professionally provide you with the customization of luggage hardware accessories accessories, luggage hardware, luggage buckles, luggage hardware buckles, to meet your individual needs, make your luggage hardware accessories unique, and make your luggage shine!
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