What are the types of belt buckles commonly used in belts?

by:JunQi     2021-09-14
Types of belts are classified according to the belt buckle: automatic buckle belts, pin buckle belts, and plate buckle belts; according to gender, they are divided into men's belts and women's belts; according to leather materials, they are divided into: first layer belt, second layer belt, and PU belt . The most commonly used classification method is according to the type of belt buckle: automatic buckle, plate buckle, pin buckle. According to the different classification of belt buckles: the commonly used belt buckles are divided into automatic buckles, pin buckles, and plate buckles (smooth buckles) according to the different fastening methods. Automatic belt buckle This is the most common type of buckle. There is a small round magnet at the bottom combined with an iron rocker to generate elasticity. Pulling the drive rod beside it can separate the rocker and the magnet. At this time, the belt can pass through the middle, adjust to a proper position and then loosen. At this time, the belt body is stuck under the action of magnetism. If you open it again, the belt can be pulled out freely. Loosen the drive rod, the belt will automatically jam, so this type of buckle is called an automatic belt buckle.
The global market was valued at custom d rings in custom belt buckles and is expected to reach a market value of custom name belt buckles by custom d rings, with a CAGR of custom belt buckles during the forecast period.
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