What is the polishing technique in the dog buckle?

by:JunQi     2021-09-16
Generally, when we buy a product, the first thing we will see is the quality of the product. If you are careful, you can find that there is a shakong on the side of some dog buckles. Why does this happen? What's the situation?  1, the mold nozzle is too thick;   2, the die-casting pressure is not enough;   3, the mold temperature is too high during the die-casting process, and no water is transported. Of course, if you want your dog buckle to be more perfect, there will be no sand holes, our polishing process is absolutely indispensable, 1. over sand; 2. over hemp; 3. over cloth, these three. The process is absolutely indispensable. If these three processes are completed, it is necessary to check whether the polishing of the product is qualified, and then electroplating is performed only when it is qualified.   The result of product polishing is related to the overall sensory of the product after electroplating; it is related to the smoothness and grade of the product. Therefore, when our dog buckle manufacturers make dog buckles, the polishing technology in the dogleash is inevitable.
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