What's the hardware? The difference between big hardware and small hardware

by:JunQi     2021-09-23
There are many types of hardware products with different specifications, but hardware products play an irreplaceable role in home decoration. Choosing good premium hardware accessories can make many decorative materials safer and more convenient to use. There are more than ten categories and hundreds of products in the hardware products market. Locks (1) Exterior door locks (2) Handle locks (3) Drawer locks (4) Ball door locks (5) Glass showcase locks (6) Electronic locks (7) Chain locks (8) Anti-theft locks (9) Bathroom locks (10) Padlocks (11) Combination locks (12) Lock body (13) Key core handles (1) Drawer handles (2) Cabinet door handles (3) Glass door handles, doors and windows (1) Hinge: glass closure Pages, corner hinges, bearing hinges (bronze, steel), pipe hinges (2) hinges: heaven and earth axis hinges, torque hinges (3) rails: drawer rails, sliding door rails, folding door rails, hidden door rails , Curved track, hanging wheel, glass pulley (4) latch (bright and dark) (5) door suction (6) ground suction (7) floor spring (8) door clamp (9) door closer (10) plate pin (11) Door mirrors (12) Anti-theft buckle hanging (13) Beads (copper, aluminum, pvc) (14) Touch beads, magnetic touch beads Home decoration (1) Universal wheels (2) Cabinet legs (3) Door nose ( 4) Air duct (5) Stainless steel trash can (6) Metal hanger (7) Plug (8) Curtain rod (copper, wood) (9) Curtain rod ring (plastic, steel) (10) Sealing strip ( 11) Lifting drying rack (12) Clothes hook, hanger plumbing category (1) Aluminum plastic pipe (2) Tee (3) Wire elbow (4) Anti-leak valve (5) Ball valve (6) Eight-shaped valve (7) Through valve (8) ordinary floor drain (9) special floor drain for washing machine (10) raw tape (11) pump valve architectural decoration (1) galvanized iron pipe (2) stainless steel pipe (3) plastic expansion pipe (4) rivet (5) cement Nails (6) Advertising nails (7) Mirror nails (8) Expansion bolts (9) Self-tapping screws (10) Glass holders (11) Glass clamps (12) Insulation tape (13) Aluminum ladders (14) Goods support tools (1) Hacksaw (2) Hand saw blade (3) Pliers (4) Screwdriver (flat, cross) (5) Tape measure (6) Wire pliers (7) Needle-nose pliers (8) Diagonal pliers (9) Glass glue gun (10) straight shank twist drill bit (11) diamond drill bit (12) electric hammer drill bit (13) hole opener (14) open-end wrench and torx wrench (15) riveting gun (16) grease gun (17) hammer (18) Sleeve (19) Adjustable wrench (20) Steel tape measure, box ruler, meter ruler. Nail guns, tin snips, marble saw blades, putty knives, ash spoons, brick knives, shovel, cleaning shovel, utility knife, ash mixing stick. Sanitary ware (1) wash basin faucet (2) washing machine faucet (3) delay faucet (4) shower (5) soap dish holder, soap butterfly (6) single cup holder, single cup (7) double cup holder, double Cup, (8) paper towel rack (9) toilet brush holder, toilet brush (10) single-bar towel rack, double-bar towel rack (11) single-layer rack (12) multi-layer rack (13) bath towel rack (14) ) Beauty mirror (15) Hanging mirror (16) Soap dispenser (17) Hand dryer Kitchen appliances (1) Kitchen cabinet pull basket (2) Kitchen cabinet pendant (3) Sink, sink faucet (4) Washer (5) ) Range hood (Chinese and European style) (6) Gas stove (7) Oven (electric, gas) (8) Water heater (electric, gas) (9) Pipeline, natural gas, liquefied tank (10) Gas heating stove (11) Dishwasher (12) Disinfection cabinet (13) Bath heater (14) Exhaust fan (top type, window type, wall type) (15) Water purifier (16) Skin dryer (17) Food residue processor (18) Rice cooker ( 19) Hand dryers (20) Refrigerator mechanical parts (1) Gears (2) Machine tool accessories (3) Springs (4) Seals (5) Separation equipment (6) Welding materials (7) Fasteners and connectors ( 8) Bearing (9) Drive chain (10) Furnace head (11) Chain lock (12) Sprocket (13) Caster, universal wheel (14) Chemical pipeline and accessories (15) Pulley (16) Roller (17) Tube Clamp (18) Workbench (19) Steel balls and balls (20) Steel wire rope (21) Bucket teeth (22) Crane pulley (23) Hooks and grappling hooks (24) Through (25) Roller (26) Conveyor belt (27) ) Nozzle, nozzle joint furniture accessories (1) furniture hardware feet (2) furniture hardware frame (3) wood screws (4) hinges (5) handles (6) slides (7) partition pins (8) hanging parts ( 9) Nail (10) Heading machine (11) Thread rolling machine (12) Multi-station machine (13) Pneumatic rod (14) Caster (15) Five-star foot (16) Spring (17) Zipper (18) Bubble nail (19) ) Horse nails (20) The hardness test of furniture machinery stamping parts and die metal stamping parts adopts Rockwell hardness tester. Small, complex-shaped stamping parts can be used to test the surface is very small, can not be tested on the ordinary desktop Rockwell hardness tester. The PHP series portable surface Rockwell hardness tester is very suitable for testing the hardness of these stamping parts. Alloy stamping parts are commonly used parts in the field of metal processing and mechanical manufacturing. Stamping processing is a processing method that uses molds to separate or shape metal strips. Its application range is very broad. Stamping processing includes punching, bending, deep drawing, forming, finishing and other processes. The materials processed by stamping parts are mainly hot-rolled or cold-rolled (mainly cold-rolled) sheet metal materials, such as carbon steel plate, alloy steel plate, spring steel plate, galvanized plate, tin plate, stainless steel plate, copper and copper alloy Plate, aluminum and aluminum alloy plate, etc. The difference between large hardware and small hardware: hardware refers to the five metal materials of gold, silver, copper, iron, and tin. Hardware is the mother of industry; the basis of national defense, the products of hardware materials are usually divided into large hardware and small hardware Two categories. Big hardware refers to steel plates, steel bars, flat irons, angle steels, channel irons, I-shaped irons and various types of steel materials, while small hardware refers to construction hardware, tinplate, lock nails, iron wires, steel wire mesh, steel wire cutters, Household hardware, various tools, etc. In terms of the nature and use of hardware, it should be divided into eight categories of hardware, including steel materials, non-ferrous metal materials, mechanical parts, transmission equipment, auxiliary tools, work tools, construction hardware, and household hardware, which refer to gold, silver, copper, iron, and tin. Five kinds of metals later generally refer to all metal products in daily life. Small hardware is different from industrial production and mining hardware, and there is no specific distinction.
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