What should I do if the hardware of luxury bags fades?

by:JunQi     2021-09-29
In daily life, we often encounter our beloved bag hardware fading. Let us heartache. Discoloration, dullness, and oxidation of hardware are one of the most common problems in luxury bags. The main reasons are: long-term contact with air is prone to oxidation, daily wear and tear, and usual contact with chemicals such as cosmetics and perfumes. , Coupled with the erosion of hand sweat during use, the acid-base value of personal sweat is different, and the degree of damage to the metal surface is different. Before metal plating and curing: the original gold color is polished into silver 01 Step 1: Clean—— Use a metal cleaner to clean the surface of the hardware 02 Step 2: Polishing ①Rough polishing-Dip a small amount of professional polishing agent similar to toothpaste and apply it on the surface of the metal part. After polishing with a special polishing cloth, remove all the mottled gold plating on the metal surface To make the surface of the hardware smooth, but also to make the subsequent plating color more shiny. ②Clean again-completely remove the remaining polishing agent on the surface of the hardware; ③Fine polishing-use the polished suede with a tighter fibrous structure for secondary polishing to completely fill the defects on the surface of the hardware. 03 Step 3: Plating ① Use a dropper to drop a special electroplating solution on the cotton swab. This is more magical. The seemingly transparent liquid is actually an expensive plating solution containing gold ions. Now it looks like The essence of skin care, but when it comes into contact with metal and electric current, it... ......It's magical! The hardware that needs to be plated is connected to the cathode current clamp of the plating equipment, and wiped with the plating pen dipped in the plating solution (also called electric brush plating, the metal shackle of the Lv is the cathode, and the electrochemical method is used to immerse The plating pen filled with the plating solution is used as the anode, allowing the gold ions in the plating solution to discharge and crystallize on the LV metal hook and ring, forming a golden plating... The sister with poor chemistry is very confused??), and then the LV faded hardware Little by little, the magic has turned into gold, a magic pen Ma Liang has reappeared! In this way, the front, back, and curved parts are repeatedly wiped with a plating pen. If the thickness of the wipe is not uniform, it will cause variegated and mottled disasters, so for the maintenance master, this is really a challenge. Serious and patient Work~ Left: before coloring and curing, right: after coloring and curing. Doctor’s advice: After the dean of the library has cured the hardware, the content of Au (gold) in the metal composition of the surface plating can reach more than 8%. This is a The gold content of the coating in the bag is very good, and it is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant for daily use! For some brands, the gold content of the coating is almost the same as that of the original product, or even better. a. Generally speaking, the average proportion of Au (gold) coating on the surface of Hermès hardware is more than 20%. ); b. Secondly, Dior, Lv, BVLGARI, YSL, SF, etc. have a relatively high gold content in the metal plating layer, accounting for 15%-18%; c. The gold content of the Prada metal plating layer is about 10%; d. Of course there are Some brands of hardware don’t even lose any gold plating~ (ps. The above data is applicable under normal circumstances, because the data is different because of the different series of brands and the different positions of the hardware) 02 Color-plated Prada’s Logo plating color ratio ↑ above The coloring of Lv is a lot more troublesome, because the current clip can't clamp the logo, you can only use the tip of the clip to touch each letter separately, and color it one by one. (It really challenges people's patience. In the process of coloring, the first sister really admires Dean Ku!) Prada killer bag, the bottom nail on the bottom of the bag is also a common color plating demand↓ Left: plating color Right before curing: After coloring and curing 03 Metal hardware chain coloring and curing Before metal coloring and curing: Too many metal rings to be plated! ! Although the coloring steps of this Dior bag hardware chain are basically the same as others, cleaning, rough polishing, fine polishing, color plating, cleaning, polishing, and natural air drying. However, for the maintenance of light gold plating like Dior, not only requires more care and attention, but also requires even strength, gentle and unhesitating plating operation. If the action is a little hesitating, the gold color will be light gold. The surface of the metal can sometimes be polished again, but sometimes it cannot be remedied. 04 Non-daily metal wear left: before maintenance, right: after maintenance, looking at the bright hardware bags and saying to me: 'You see, these bags are actually the same as new ones after maintenance. You don’t always have to buy new ones. I often I spend a whole day on a bag, and sometimes I have to go out to buy tools, and occasionally I encounter a special color bag that needs to be supplemented, and I even have to order from abroad. I have been busy with the longest bag for more than half a month. , But every bag repaired from my hand, like my child, entrusts my feelings, so you (we) also know how to cherish, how can you (we) say that you can't carry it What?! This bag should be more pleasing to the eye, the more you use it, the more you like it...'-If you love, please love deeply. We should all have a heart that believes that every bag is a soul.
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