What to do with the color plating of the worn hardware of the leather bag?

by:JunQi     2021-09-15
1. Bag hardware is oxidized, faded, and gold-plated. Bag hardware generally refers to zipper heads, buckles, keys, etc. These hardware are relatively easy to wear, because there are more contacts in normal times, so there are more oxidations. Prevent wear. The dust particles in the air are very hard. Contact with the hardware, coupled with the action of external force, will cause the hardware to wear and oxidize. Therefore, hardware maintenance must do a good job in daily bag cleaning, and clean the bag once a day or a week, which can not only keep the bag clean as new, but also extend the service life of the bag. 2. Cleaning of hardware. When the hardware is dirty, it should be cleaned in time. The cleaning method is: add an appropriate amount of neutral detergent to the clean water, wipe carefully with a toothbrush or cloth dipped in the solution, and the cleaning time must be as short as possible. After washing, place it in a cool and dry place to air dry. 3. Wrap the hardware with paper when storing. When the bag is not used for a long time, you should do a comprehensive maintenance of the bag first, and then keep it properly. In order to avoid oxidation or rusting of the hardware, the hardware part of the bag should be wrapped with paper, and then stored in a cool and dry place. The hardware of the bag is divided into tie rods, small wheels, mushroom nails, and mushroom nails according to specific product categories. Rigging nails, foot nails, sliders, corns, D buckles, dog buckles, pin throughs, belt buckles, chains, hollow nail coils, locks, magnetic buttons, various trademarks and decorative hardware, etc. All kinds of hardware are divided into different categories according to their functions or shapes. And all kinds of hardware accessories also have many specifications. There are many colors of luggage hardware accessories according to electroplating: white, gold, gun black, green bronze, green ancient brush, chrome and so on. There are also many points to pay attention to in electroplating. Different electroplating colors have different requirements for the process. When exporting, pay attention to whether it meets environmental protection and non-toxic requirements. Discoloration, dullness, and oxidation of hardware are one of the most common problems of luxury bags. The main reasons are: long-term contact with air is prone to oxidation, daily wear and tear, and usual contact with chemicals such as cosmetics and perfumes. , Coupled with the erosion of hand sweat during use, the pH value of personal sweat is different, and the degree of damage to the metal surface is also different.
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