Will luggage hardware fade?

by:JunQi     2021-09-05
1. I can tell you for sure, it will decolorize. Except for gold with a purity of 99% that will not decolorize, other metals will decolorize. Some people may think that the hardware of genuine LV bags bought for tens of thousands of yuan will not discolor, then you are wrong. Genuine LVs will also discolor, but the style of discoloration is different. If the hardware is often rubbed, it will fade easily. , Unavoidable, usually try to reduce metal friction. After all, hardware accessories are not real gold. 2. In high imitation products, the hardware used is very different according to the grade of the product, but the methods of surface treatment are similar. They are all polished and polished to make them smooth and shiny. Of course The genuine LV does the same, it feels noble and bright. Third, the luggage hardware accessories depends on what material it is made of. Some materials are well maintained and will not fade, such as pure steel, pure copper and so on. With the use of longer and longer time, these polished and polished areas gradually begin to show their original shape. Since the high-grade and high-quality imitation products use the same high-quality brass as the genuine product, the way they decolorize is almost the same. The high imitation product will become more and more ugly, so that you have to replace it.
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